October 20, 2021

Common Myths about Roulette Game: Fact Check

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The roulette game fascinates players due to the many betting options and varied chances of winning. However, some players claim that following specific betting patterns can tip the odds in their favour. Truth be told, nothing is guaranteed once the roulette wheel starts spinning. On this page, we seek to clarify the common misconceptions related to betting patterns in roulette.

Common Myths about Roulette Game: Fact Check

The Most Well-Known Roulette Strategies

The most used betting patterns borrow aspects rooted in mathematics and statistics. They aim to improve the probability of winning. In reality, no evidence proves that relying on betting patterns can boost your wins. That is why players who solely depend on betting patterns end up being disappointed most of the time. Despite that, the following six strategies have remained in use for many years:

  • Martingale
  • Reverse Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • D’Alembert
  • James Bond
  • Labouchere

Fallacies Believed to Boost Winning Odds by Players

Adding to the strategies in the section above, some players believe in certain myths about the roulette wheel. Beliefs like specific numbers being luckier than others have no basis in mathematics or statistics. Nonetheless, many players still believe in lucky numbers, and more myths, some of which are listed below:

Careful Observation Can Help You Predict the Next Pocket to Win

Some players believe that carefully monitoring the wheel’s speed as it comes to a stop can help them predict where the ball will land. After all, the laws of momentum, friction, and relativity apply to the roulette wheel. Although that sounds logical, no casino allows people to enter with tools to help them cheat. In this case, one would need to take measurements of the wheel to make accurate calculations.

Casinos Rig the Roulette Wheel

The chances of casinos rigging the wheels are minimal. All games in reputable online casinos are tested for fairness. Players quickly air out their suspicions of foul play by any rogue operators in online forums. As a result, casinos do their best to keep their operations fair. You can tell a trustworthy site by looking at the licensing information and in the footer section. Additionally, look for approval stamps by auditing bodies like eCOGRA, BMM Testlabs, GLI, iTechLabs, TriSigma at the footer section of the landing page.

Some Bet Combinations are Better Than Others

The fact that some bet combinations are more likely to appear does not make them better than others. Operators know the likelihood of each outcome and therefore adjustment the house edge accordingly.

Every Version of Roulette is the Same

Each variation of the original roulette game comes with a different house edge. For instance, the American version has two zero pockets which raise the house edge. In other versions, there are two wheels or two balls. The added variables can be confusing for inexperienced players. To be on the safe side, we recommend sticking to French or European Roulette, which have the best odds for players in addition to the simple rules.


Gauging the profitability of any betting pattern in roulette is difficult. That is because the experience is different for each individual. In addition, the length of testing a particular strategy may vary. Therefore, we recommend learning multiple techniques to have a fallback plan when one seems not to work.

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