October 6, 2021

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette Review

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This overview will provide an overall review of the newest version of roulette by Evolution Gaming. It is a live version of the original game with boundless possibilities for extension. As such, no players who are interested in playing the game are left out. We will highlight key features, betting options, and payouts in Lightning Roulette.

Evolution’s Lightning Roulette Review

Evolution Gaming is known for its out-of-the-box thinking when creating games. That aspect stands out in this new version of roulette. All the betting options in the original roulette version are in the new game. In addition, there are new bets such as Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

The game’s background comprises a stunning black and gold Art Deco, allowing players to enjoy it without straining their eyes. Lastly, this roulette version is made for the live casino. That means players can enjoy playing the highly responsive game in real-time.

Multiplayer Scalability and Direct Game Launch

Lightning Roulette is an online casino game that accommodates an unlimited number of players. As a result, you can log in at any time and play the game because the game will never have a full table. Additionally, players can invite their friends to join in the fun. The direct game launch feature lets players send a link to their friends in the same casino, on other web pages, or via text.

An Award-Winning Game

As proof of excellence, the new game has won several awards. They include:

  • Product Innovation of the Year- 2018 by Global Gaming Awards
  • G2E Las Vegas Award
  • Game of the Year 2018 by EGR

Lightning Roulette Gameplay

One of the most stunning features of this new version of roulette is the added betting chances in each round. Furthermore, the game is at par with all the traditional live roulette games. That means it has a live wheel, a live dealer, and a line-up of the ordinary Roulette bets.

At the end of each round, one to five numbers get struck by lightning for increased luck. The effect of which is a 50X to 500X multiplier on the lucky numbers.

Lucky Number and Regular Payouts

When luck is on your side in lightning roulette, you have the chance of getting 50X to 500 times of the bet you place. This happens when you have a straight bet on the number that gets hit by lightning. The five lucky numbers are randomly generated, so winning is purely based on chance.

Standard bets have a 30:1 payout. You get this when your bet falls outside the five lucky numbers. Lastly, payouts from typical roulette bets such as splits, corners, red/black, and dozens have the same payout rates as the original game.


Lightning Roulette gives players the chance to win big from traditional roulette bets alongside high-paying multiplier bets. You can find the game in any of the many online casinos that source games from Evolution. Enjoy the live game in real-time with friends using the direct play feature and play together with players from all over the world.

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