April 24, 2024

Revolutionizing Online Roulette: Volcano Roulette Ignites the Scene with Steampunk Flair

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Real Dealer Studios, a Malta-based cinematic game manufacturer, has just unveiled its latest creation, Volcano Roulette, and it's set to redefine the online roulette world. This innovative title, with its unique steampunk and volcano thematics, introduces a groundbreaking mechanic that elevates the traditional roulette experience to explosive new heights.

Revolutionizing Online Roulette: Volcano Roulette Ignites the Scene with Steampunk Flair

Key Takeaways:

  • Volcano Roulette features a distinctive multiball mechanic, where a volcano at the wheel's center can launch additional balls, ramping up players' winning chances.
  • The game introduces dynamic multipliers up to 333x, activated by a special sequence that enhances straight-up wagers with potentially huge payouts.
  • Developed using Cinematic RNG technology, the title boasts film-quality visuals and audio, setting a new standard in gaming realism.
  • Exclusive availability through Games Global ensures that players looking to try this exceptional game know where to find it.

Volcano Roulette is not just another addition to the online roulette category; it represents a paradigm shift. The game's core, a multiball mechanism tied to a simmering volcano, adds an unpredictable thrill. This volcano can spontaneously release one or two additional balls, significantly increasing the odds for straight-up bets. But the innovation doesn't stop there.

When a straight-up bet hits, a cinematic sequence is triggered, transforming the wheel's numbers to reveal multipliers, which can reach up to 333x. Another lava ball is then launched to determine the multiplier values for straight-up bet wins. This feature not only multiplies the excitement but also the potential winnings, with up to three numbers falling in any round, tripling the chances for a hefty payout.

The visual and auditory experience of Volcano Roulette is unmatched, thanks to Real Dealer Studios' use of Cinematic Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. This approach, borrowing from Hollywood filmmaking techniques, incorporates high-quality video production into the game's RNG framework, resulting in a photorealistic steampunk environment that outshines other online games.

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for the new release, stating, "With Volcano Roulette, Real Dealer Studios is making a bold departure from the traditional, single-number game, bringing an exciting twist to how roulette is played. Coupling that with the amazing experience that Cinematic RNG can deliver is what makes this game a sure winner."

This game launch follows on the heels of last year's release of Vinnie Jones Card Chase, the first hi-lo game from the developer, marking another innovative step for Real Dealer Studios in partnership with the renowned actor. Volcano Roulette, featuring a steampunk aesthetic and groundbreaking gameplay mechanics, is set to become a landmark title in the online gaming industry, exclusively available through Games Global.

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